I have traveled for 20 years before getting to this Crossroads. 20 years of constant change and building my mind and body. Knowing my Mind and Body is always a priority in my life. Thank God, because if it wasn't, I wouldn't be able to deside which way to go, at the Crossroads.

Going the wrong direction at the Crossroads may delay the journey. 20 more years of travel may increase the journey to another lifetime.

So I will go this way and you will go that way. We both will create better self and better world.

Center yourself in your breath. Allow your body to be still and calm. Focus on your breathe. Go inside. In the darkness, where everything is birthed. Now ask self to reveal what direction should you go, at the Crossroads.

It's Time for Action, Stay Woke!

Photo by Shanob Favors

Arabia Mountain

Arise Full Moon / 10-2-20

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